Rescue Shelter Spotlight: Animal Lighthouse Rescue

Rescue Spotlight Animal Lighthouse

Rescue Shelter Spotlight: Animal Lighthouse Rescue

Rescue Pop’s mission is driven by our passion for rescue animals and the incredible shelters that help connect pets in need to loving forever families. There are so many amazing shelters and networks that dedicate themselves to achieving this mission. Today, we’re spotlighting one of them. Meet Animal Lighthouse Rescue, a 501(c)3 nonprofit based out of New York City.

Rescue Spotlight Animal Lighthouse Rescue Pet Dog

About Animal Lighthouse Rescue (ALR)

The organization works with their sister shelter, El Faro de Los Animales, in Puerto Rico, to rescue and find homes for “satos,” which are stray dogs in Puerto Rico. Overpopulation and lack of resources leave 500,000 stray dogs without anywhere to turn. This unfortunate circumstance leads to an even more dire consequence: Puerto Rico’s euthanasia rate is about 95%. To put this in perspective, it is only 15% in New York City.

Rescue Spotlight Animal Lighthouse Rescue Satos

How does Animal Lighthouse Rescue Operate?

ALR travels to Puerto Rico to round up and rescue abandoned and injured dogs, as well as newly born or nursing puppies. They get robust medical evaluation and treatment, including vaccinations, deworming, sterilization, and behavioral assessments. They also receive a full grooming treatment, as many of these dogs have been on the streets for a long time. Once these incredible pups are given a clean bill of health, it’s off to the Big Apple! A network of volunteers matches each dog to their forever home, ensuring each pup’s individual needs are met.

Rescue Spotlight Animal Lighthouse Rescue Saved Dog

Do you want to join the Animal Lighthouse Rescue family?

The rescue relies entirely on volunteers to get from square one all the way to placement in a forever home. Volunteers assist in airport transport, new rescue intake, organizing events, and researching potential forever homes. This volunteer network truly fuels the organization, and there are ways for you to get involved! Volunteers are needed in areas like adoption counseling, airport transportation, fundraising, dog walking, and socializing.

The other side of the adoption equation is fostering. ALR puts incredible care and thought into forever homes, meaning dogs aren’t placed right away. Fostering is a very important part of their journey. Being a foster is a big, but very rewarding, undertaking. The responsibilities include making the pet a temporary member of the family and making sure they are available for meet-and-greets with potential forever families. ALR provides the supplies you need to care for the animal; you just provide the love and care. And don’t let pets you may already have stop you; most fosters still thrive in a multi-pet home!

No matter how you get involved, you are helping change a pet’s life for the better. Check out their volunteer and foster page to apply!

Rescue Spotlight Animal Lighthouse Rescue Puppies

Other Ways to get Involved

ALR’s mission is also fueled by awareness and bringing the pet adoption community together. This is done through awesome events and adoption get togethers, including adoption days, fundraisers, dog reunions, and the Strut Your Mutt charity event.

Most recently, they hosted Mutts & Mimosas, a boat party fundraiser, which combines cocktails and wagging tails to raise money for ALR’s mission. Our mascot, Pamplemousse was in attendance and loved being alongside fellow furry adoptees and their families. The event was held on the Baylander, a boat and bar docked in the Hudson River.

Animal Lighthouse Rescue’s philosophy for their animals is “whoever their pawfect match is, we don’t stop until we find it,” and they truly embody that sentiment every day.



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