The Silliest, Sweetest Rescue Dogs of Instagram – Monthly Roundup #1

Funny Dogs on Instagram - Roundup #1

The Silliest, Sweetest Rescue Dogs of Instagram – Monthly Roundup #1

If you ever feel like you could use a pick-me-up, two surefire things can help: a scoop of your favorite ice cream and an adorable, fluffy pup. We like both, but the latter is our preference around here which is exactly why we’ve put together this fun little roundup of silly, sweet rescue dogs you can follow on Instagram. Whether you’re looking for a reason to say, “awwww!” or you’re in the mood for a heart-warming chuckle, this furry list will no doubt put a smile on your face.  (And you’ll feel even better knowing they’ve all been rescued!)


Sugarplum — AKA “the pudgy princess” — is a senior rescue enjoying her forever home in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She’s a sweet girl who loves playing in the snow (she fortunately has access to lots of it!), modeling adorable bandanas, eating pupcakes, and cuddling with her momma. Her extra-long tongue is usually sticking out, which we say makes her all the cuter.


Josie hails all the way from Singapore, where she was lovingly adopted, trained, and integrated into the real world by her steadfast pup parents. She’s overcome her fear of the rain, has learned some pretty cool tricks, sometimes wears silly hats, looks great in a bowtie, and loves romping around outside. She also knows how to strike a pose!

Zola & Wilson

These two pit-mixes are part of a big adopted and foster care fur family in the Los Angeles area. You might notice that Wilson has some marks on his snout along with two plastic inserts in each nostril. This is because he just had a very important surgery to help him breathe and is now on the mend! He and his sister, Zola, love each other very much and get into all kinds of crazy shenanigans along with the fosters that come to stay in their home.

Coco Urdaneta

This white faced “Panamanian” — who gets her name from the fact that she lives in Panama City, Central America — is pure joy. She was rescued as a puppy in September 2018 and quickly became a “dog-fluencer,” if you will. For example, she’s spent time pawty-ing at Coachella (not really!), turning into a pandemic-era toilet paper dealer, and even helping Krispy Kreme sell yummy donuts.


Bronte the Brindle’s owners says this pup is “part doggo, part hyena” and we see what they’re saying! The sleek whippet mix was rescued at 10 months old via Saveourscruff, lives in Toronto, Canada, and has really blossomed in her forever home! She completed doggie basics training, has celebrated her first birthday, and has had so many adventures! Her owner says that Bronte “has grown into such a smart, brave, sweet dog. I feel so lucky that we found her because I couldn’t imagine life without her.”


This happy faced Springer Spaniel was adopted in the spring of 2020 at the age of six and has been living the best life since then! A lot of adventure and exploration has been packed into the last few months — she’s learned how to swim, spends lots of time frolicking at the beach, gets to roll around in fresh grass, has gone sniffin’ for fresh flowers in the woods, and has even done a little urban exploration with her parents. We love that she’s got a big smile on her face in so many of her pictures!


Let’s round out this list of adorable adopted doggos with Rescue Pop’s mascot, Pamplemousse! Born in Tennessee, this precious pooch was adopted in 2016 via NYC’s Social Tees Animal Rescue and ever since has fancied herself as the head of the Central Park’s Squirrel Census Bureau! She has an adorable underbite that gives her a perma-smile and the cutest curly-q tail in town. She’s also got a taste for bacon and has a great wardrobe, if we do say so ourselves!

Got a rescue pet you want to show off?

We’d love to hear all about your sweet fur pup!  Send us a note here!



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