Bringing Home a New Cat – 8 Tips to have a Pawsome first 30 Days

Bringing Home a New Cat

Bringing Home a New Cat – 8 Tips to have a Pawsome first 30 Days

Now that you have fallen head over heels in love with your beautiful new kitty, it’s time to make the little guy as comfy as possible! Pay particular attention to the first 30 days after you adopt your cat—this is an ideal time for you to bond.

Below are some tips to help you as soon as your new bundle of joy arrives! 

bring home a new cat

Keep it Simple

Cats are straightforward creatures; the slightest stress can have a significant impact on them. So, for the first few days, it’s best to keep your new pet in a small room, so she can slowly adjust. If she’s a young kitten, leave the radio or television on, bring an old-school clock in (to mimic mom’s heartbeat) and a cozy blanket for her to snuggle on. In winter months, keeping the room warm is helpful too.

Don’t worry about your cat meeting all the family members at once; the simpler you make her life, the easier she will adjust!

Protect the Furniture

Make sure you get a scratch pad, so your cat can happily dig in. Too often, cats will use your furniture to sharpen their nails, which won’t make you happy. Some pet stores have invisible plastic tape you can place on your furnishings, to discourage scratching.

The younger they are, the better chance you have to cut your kitty’s nails. This is no easy task, and you should only attempt it once the vet shows you how to cut them. Remember to be gentle!

Tips for bringing home a new cat

Cat Hair

Particularly if you adopted a long hair cat, it’s always a good idea to buy a cat comb to brush your kitty’s hair. She will love you forever if you do! If you have an enclosed yard (make sure there’s no way for her to escape!) and she plays outside, she may get fleas. A small flea comb is a must-buy also.

Litter Box Adventures

The right litter box will have enough space for your cat to stand up and walk around. Experiment with a few different litters/brands to see which one she prefers. Remember to clean out any poop each day and put fresh litter in frequently.  If a cat decides your litter box isn’t clean enough, she just might find another place to do her business!

bring home a cat - things you need

Cat Toys

You can go to the pet store and buy your kitty a million fun cat toys or take some aluminum foil and roll it up into a ball.  Either way, your feline companion will be happy!

Did you buy a cat toy that doesn’t seem to interest her?  Take some catnip and rub a little bit on. Presto! Your cat will instantly be in love with the new toy! (If only humans were like this!)

Vet Visits

Ideally, you want to know if your cat is healthy, so take her to the vet right away for an examination. The vet will check her eyes (any discharge?), her coat (any fleas?), and test her poop for worms. Vaccinations are also very important. Try Google to see if you can find a vet doing low-cost vaccinations in your area. Petco commonly offers the helpful service.

First 30 Days with a New Cat

Joining a Multi-Cat Home

Cats love company, and if they are young, it’s fairly easy to introduce two cats. It’s best to separate them at first and introduce them in short intervals. If there are two rooms, put one in each room and let them connect to each other, slowly. They will eventually pick up on each other’s scent. Do not rush the process!

Cat Food

If you have a few extra dollars, buying high quality cat food at a reputable pet store will be good for your new cat. Too often, the brands found at supermarkets lack proper nutrition, so it’s very important to buy well-known brands! One safe option?  Ask your veterinarian what she or he suggests. 

With proper planning and attention, the first 30 days with your new feline family member can be a smooth experience, with lifelong dividends!



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