Best Dog Names – Fun Ideas to Help You Pick the Perfect Name for Your Pup!

Picking the Best Dog Names

Best Dog Names – Fun Ideas to Help You Pick the Perfect Name for Your Pup!

Choosing the best dog name can be anything but simple. Sometimes a dog comes with a name, such as an adopted shelter dog or rehomed adult, but even then, names can be changed. It’s such a personal thing, one that’s a reflection of both the dog and owner. I would never name a dog Pumpkin (like ever), but that could be perfect for a senior’s puffball Pomeranian. To each his own.

Unlike your child, there’s a lot of freedom when naming a pooch. You’ll be condemning your son to a lifetime of misery with a name like Sasquatch, but for a Saint Bernard or Borzoi, it could be perfect. There are always the common staples like Spot or Rover or Socks, but come on‚Ķ Let’s have more fun in life. There’s so much to pull from ‚Äď movies and TV, monsters and science fiction, myths and legends

Does my dog look like a specific name?

A common dilemma is attempting to match a dog’s face with a name. Does he look like a Jack or Pete? Does she resemble Alice from down the street or Winnie-the-Pooh? Pro tip ‚Äď don’t name your dog Winnie-the-Pooh. Every now and then, a dog’s face is a dead ringer for a name, but more often than not, the sky’s the limit when choosing what to call your canine.

Sometimes, however, a dog resembles a specific animal or character. Huskies often look like wolves, so perhaps Amarok or White Fang is a good one. Pomeranians and other puffballs look like Fizzgig from The Dark Crystal or an Ewok. The best advice I can give is to just have fun with it. If you’re a bit shy or conservative, go for something cool and under the radar‚ÄĒShadow for a dark dog, Snow for a light one, and so on.

Best dog names to avoid

While there are no hard and fast rules here, you should probably avoid certain names. If there are kids in the house, it’s best not to share names with a dog. Sooner or later, one or both will get confused (who are you yelling at?). Also, avoid names that sound like commands. Spit and “sit” are too similar, as are Skay and “stay” (you shouldn’t name a dog Skay or Spit, but you understand).

So, avoid naming your dog after your kid, watch out for names that rhyme with commands, and perhaps avoid ones that could prove embarrassing. If a dog gets out and you’re yelling STELLA! Well, you get the point. Let’s take a look at some fun names that can work for a wide variety of dogs, from movies and TV to just downright weird. And as far as I’m concerned, it can never be too weird.

20 Famous dog names

There’s over a century of dogs on the screen (and somewhat close to that for TV), so inevitably, there are many famous dog names. Some are positively clich√©d, but at the end of the day, who cares? Have fun, enjoy your dog, and just don’t name him Pumpkin. Or go for it, why not?

  • Toto¬†(Wizard of Oz)
  • Cujo¬†(movie of the same name)
  • Beethoven¬†(movie of the same name)
  • Benji¬†(you don’t know?)
  • Lassie¬†(I’m not even telling you)
  • Bolt¬†(movie of the same name)
  • Clifford¬†(that giant red dog)
  • Droopy¬†(that super chill cartoon canine)
  • Scooby-Doo¬†(I’m definitely not telling you)
  • Old Yeller¬†(you know this one)
  • Jerry Lee¬†(K-9)
  • Einstein¬†(Back to the Future)
  • Rin Tin Tin¬†(he’s a German Shepherd)
  • Eddie¬†(Frasier)
  • Shiloh¬†(Saving Shiloh)
  • Rudolph¬†(actually, that’s a reindeer, I’m cheating)
  • Zero¬†(The Nightmare Before Christmas)
  • Hooch¬†(Turner & Hooch)
  • Baxter¬†(The Legend of Ron Burgundy)
  • Snoopy¬†(best friend is Woodstock)

20 Famous names

Some names are just famous, even legendary. Whether from a movie, TV show, history or mythology, countless names have stood the test of time. Here’s a list of fun ones that can really work for particular dogs, whether they’re tough-looking, lazy, stubborn, or anything in-between.

  • Frodo¬†(Lord of the Rings)
  • Chewbacca¬†(Star Wars)
  • Crockett¬†(Miami Vice)
  • Tubbs¬†(Miami Vice, again)
  • Fizzgig¬†(The Dark Crystal)
  • Chimera¬†(mythological creature)
  • Medusa¬†(Greek mythology)
  • Rumpelstiltskin¬†(you know)
  • Tom or Jerry¬†(Tom and Jerry)
  • Kirk¬†(Star Trek)
  • Picard¬†(newer Star Trek)
  • George¬†(Seinfeld)
  • Ferris¬†(Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)
  • Robocop¬†(Your move, creep)
  • Maximus¬†(Gladiator)
  • Ron Burgundy¬†(Anchorman)
  • Martha¬†(Brady Bunch)
  • Supergirl¬†(this might be a stretch)
  • Dorothy¬†(Wizard of Oz)
  • Shrek¬†(that’s a fun one!)

20 Evil names

Let’s face it, evil names can be fun. Some of the best things in life are evil, like chocolate and Facebook. Whether you have a “mischievous” dog or a scary looking one, here are some evil names to match.

  • Vader¬†(Star Wars)
  • Knievel¬†(well it’s Evel, not evil)
  • Dracula¬†(you know)
  • Nosferatu¬†(basically Dracula)
  • Frankenstein¬†(a doctor)
  • Dr. Evil¬†(another doctor, from Austin Powers)
  • Lex Luther¬†(Superman)
  • Joker¬†(Batman)
  • Hannibal¬†(Silence of the Lambs)
  • Thanos¬†(Avengers)
  • Pennywise¬†(It)
  • Scar¬†(The Lion King)
  • Voldemort¬†(Harry Potter)
  • HAL¬†(2001: A Space Odyssey)
  • Terminator¬†(I’ll be back)
  • Goldfinger¬†(remember that laser?)
  • Magneto¬†(X-Men)
  • Bane¬†(Batman)
  • Sauron¬†(Lord of the Rings)
  • Loki¬†(Marvel movies)

20 fictional creatures

Books, movies, TV, and mythology have brought us some fantastic fictional creatures. Odds are there’s a dog out there that looks like one. Here’s a list of furballs and not so furry creatures that just might be a good match.

  • Wookiee¬†(Star Wars)
  • Ewok¬†(Star Wars, again)
  • Sasquatch¬†(Bigfoot)
  • Jackalope¬†(perhaps they exist)
  • Ogre¬†(think Shrek)
  • Cyclops¬†(one-eyed giant)
  • Falkor¬†(The Neverending Story)
  • Nessie¬†(Loch Ness Monster)
  • Pegasus¬†(flying horse)
  • Griffin¬†(half lion, half eagle, all attitude)
  • Centaur¬†(half human, half horse, all weird)
  • Yeti¬†(Bigfoot in the cold)
  • Werewolf¬†(full moon fever)
  • Unicorn¬†(horse with a bayonet)
  • Godzilla¬†(Japan’s favorite dinosaur)
  • Zombie¬†(me in the morning)
  • Kraken¬†(sea monster)
  • Phoenix¬†(fire bird)
  • Pinocchio¬†(that wooden kid)
  • Gingerbread Man¬†(just thought I’d throw this one in)

20 famous robot names

And finally, how about naming your dog after a robot. If nothing else, it could be a lot of fun on Halloween. Here’s about a century’s worth of famous robot names.

  • C-3PO¬†(that copper-looking robot)
  • R2-D2¬†(friends with the copper robot)
  • Ash¬†(Alien)
  • Bishop¬†(Aliens)
  • WALL-E¬†(movie of the same name)
  • Optimus Prime¬†(Transformers)
  • Johnny 5¬†(Short Circuit)
  • Terminator¬†(Awe-Nold)
  • Robby¬†(Forbidden Planet)
  • Roomba¬†(might be vacuuming your floors right now)
  • Maschinenmensch¬†‚Äď AKA¬†Maria¬†(Metropolis)
  • Chappie¬†(movie of the same name)
  • Sentinel¬†(The Matrix)
  • ED-209¬†(Robocop)
  • Dot Matrix¬†(Spaceballs)
  • Atom¬†(Real Steel)
  • Jinx¬†(Space Camp)
  • Ava¬†(Ex Machina)
  • Data¬†(Star Trek)
  • BB-8¬†(Star Wars)

Now that you have the perfect name, even if it’s Pumpkin, you might want to look for a dog with special characteristics. For hypoallergenic dogs, the best dogs for kids or seniors, the best dogs for apartments and so on, visit our¬†Dog Breed Search¬†page. If you already have the perfect breed in mind, visit our¬†Adopt a Dog¬†page. With almost 200 recognized breeds (and countless shelter dogs), a perfect match is just a click or two away.



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