Best Dog-Friendly Hikes

Best Dog Friendly Hikes

Best Dog-Friendly Hikes

There are so many pawsome ways to spend time outdoors with your pup. Today, let’s talk about hiking! Especially after a year earmarked by spending time indoors, there’s no better oppawtunity to get your adventure on than with hiking with your pup. It’s not only a way to make exercise fun, but it also brings unparalleled sights and scenery.

We have curated an all-you-need-to-know list of dog-friendly hikes around the U.S. Hiking is a great way to bond with your dog and make unfurgettable memories.

Best Dog-Friendly Hikes Cornish Estate Trail

Cornish Estate Trail

Head on over to Cold Spring in upstate New York and you’ll find the Cornish Estate Trail. This easy to navigate 1.8-mile loop has gorgeous views hugging the Hudson River. The trail is mostly paved, making it pawfect for beginner hikers and pups getting used to the outdoors. It is also great for older pups as the trail isn’t rocky or steep, it will be kind to their paws and joints. You’ll also see awesome other gems like ruins of old buildings and estates. The trail’s gentle incline makes it a great choice for a fur family day out!

Best Dog-Friendly Hikes Runyon Canyon Park

Runyon Canyon Park

The Runyon Canyon Park Loop is one of the most dog-friendly hikes you’ll find in Los Angeles. This park is just north of West Hollywood and features a 90-acre dog park, which allows dogs to go off-leash. Then, enjoy a fun hike with your pup. It’s great for any skill level, as you can choose the full 3.3-mile loop or shorter, easier trails. And keep your eye out for the Howlywood sign! You and your pup will be able to catch a glimpse of the iconic sign! A note of caution: be sure to bring lots of water and heat protecting gear, the trail does not have a lot of shady areas and the Los Angeles heat can be blistering.

Best Dog-Friendly Hikes Arden Point and Glenclyffe Hudson Highlands State Park Reserve

Arden Point and Glenclyffe

Arden Point and Glenclyffe is a relaxing, wooded trail in New York’s Hudson Highlands State Park Reserve. It is not only great exercise for you and your pup, but it’s chock full of history! The trail itself maps the path Benedict Arnold traveled on during the Revolutionary War. The terrain is mostly flat, with some gentle inclines. Some fun things to look out for on the hike are panoramic views of the Hudson River, a bridge spanning railroad tracks, and a waterfall! In full, the trail spans 3.8 miles. While that may sound like a lot for a pup new to hiking, don’t worry! There are plenty of dog-friendly swimming spots along the way for your pup to take a refreshing break.

Best Dog-Friendly Hikes Storm King State Park

Storm King State Park

Storm King State Park (not the art park) is a gorgeous nature reserve about 60 miles out of New York City. The park has a gorgeous 3.5-mile hike with ameowzing views of the Catskill Mountains and the Hudson River. This hike features a steeper uphill trek, but the stunning panoramic views are so worth it. Note that the park requires your pup to be leashed – so plan ahead!

Best Dog-Friendly Hikes Tubbs Hill

Tubbs Hill

Tubbs Hill is a grrrreat nature park in Idaho that spans 120 acres and sits along the Coeur d’Alene Lake. The park’s historical loop will give you and your pup a nice overview of all of Tubbs Hill, as it travels the perimeter of the park. The trail is complete with a self-guided tour pointing out areas and features of historic significance. The hike with the self-guided tour takes around 2 hours to complete. You can also find smaller, tangential trails that lead to dog-friendly beaches and bodies of water. So be sure to pack your pup’s swimming supplies!

Best Dog Friendly Hikes Fort Funston Trail

Fort Funston Trails

Fort Funston is a wonderful park just outside San Francisco. Fort Funston beach may sound familiar from our list of dog-friendly beaches. But another furbulous feature of the park is its trails! You and your pup can venture up 200-foot-tall bluffs of sand and catch incredible views of the coastline. The trails are sandy, making it easy-to-navigate and soft on the paws. This area is mainly designated for off-leash hiking. The park provides a range of trails ranging from 2 miles on the high end, to 0.88 miles on the low end.

Best Dog-Friendly Hikes Grays and Torreys Trailhead

Grays and Torreys Trailhead

Grays and Torreys Trailhead makes for an epic hike in Silver Plume, Colorado. The trek tops out at 9 miles and is definitely not for the first-time hiking pup. A true adventure dog, though, will love reaching the mountain’s 14,000-foot peak. Be sure you and your pup are outfitted with a durable collar made for being active and bring food for Fido! There will be no better scenery in which to enjoy a snack with your pup!

Best Dog-Friendly Hikes Alkali Flat Trail

Alkali Flat Trail

New Mexico’s Alkali Flat Trail is a treasured hike in White Sands National Park. The majestic white dunes will get your pup’s tail wagging! Shade is rare on this trail too, so be sure to have water and cooling gear in tow. Keeping your dog safe in the heat is paramount. The hike brings you and your pup up and back down these incredible shimmering dunes. The dunes, remnants of an ancient now-dried up ocean, leave furtastic rolling hills that are a howling good time to sled down. Bring a sled of your own or pick one up in the visitor’s center and enjoy a fun ride with your pup!

So, there you have it, your list of dog-friendly hikes that Fido will love as much as you do. These trails show you don’t have to be a hiking pro to enjoy the experience. Happy trails!

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