Adopting a New Cat? Here’s how to Prepare your Home.

New Cat Home Preperation

Adopting a New Cat? Here’s how to Prepare your Home.

Adopting a new cat is the most wonderful decision you can ever make. But before you bring four paws of furry bliss into your life, it’s very important to “cat-proof” your home so that your new kitty will be as happy and safe as possible.

Here are Rescue Pop’s helpful hints to avoid any cat-astrophes!

Preparing Home for a New Cat

Check Your Screens/Doors

Look at all your windows. Do you have screens securely attached to all of them? Young cats are very curious; don’t be surprised if your kitty wants to climb! Also, make sure your doors are safely sealed off as well, as cats can escape.

Prepare a Special Space

Introduce your new furry friend to your home by starting her off in a small room, even a bathroom! Believe it or not, the smaller the room, the more comfortable she will feel. A skittish kitty will hide, and you may have a challenging time finding her, so a smaller space works best. A blanket with your scent is great for her to cuddle on as well.  Having some special cans of wet kitty food handy to feed her by spoon while in this cozy space will help her associate you and the space with something safe and wonderful!

New Cat Safety

Locate and Remove Potential Dangers

Think like a cat. Look for paper clips, buttons, rubber bands —anything on the floor that she can ingest — and throw the items away or move them to a place kitty can’t access. Plants can be deadly to cats, so make sure you remove any potentially dangerous plants.  Hills Pet offers a good list of common houseplants that are poisonous to cats

Electric cords must also be securely fastened, and if you want to be extra careful, you can find wraps for the wires if you are concerned about your kitty chewing on them. 

Until you become familiar with your cat’s amazing acrobatic abilities, move any fragile items off all tables as well as leaping-accessible shelves, to keep them in one piece.

In the bathroom, kitchen, and utility closets, make sure anything poisonous—detergent, bleach, etc. is safely hidden. Young cats/kittens especially are known to get into things they should not!

New Cat What to Buy

What to Buy:

Your new cat has immediate needs, so make sure you get to the pet store ASAP!  Rescue Pop has a great cat adoption checklist of recommended products you can buy online or print and take to the store, so you don’t forget anything.  Below is some basic info to get you started: 

  • Buy an adult-sized litter box and kitty litter immediately. Get a mat to place right outside the entrance of the box as well. Sometimes kitties like to play with the litter, and it may get messy! Keep a small broom and dustpan close by.
  • Before kitty’s grand entrance, buy some toys created specifically for cats. Anything round she can toss, or a stick that you can dangle in front of her can provide hours of entertainment! The more you take time to play with her and bond, the friendlier she will be!
  • Purchase nice food and water bowls too (always leave fresh water out!) and some quality cat food (wet and dry) at your local pet store.
  • Cats are amazing creatures; they love to climb, finding happiness in elevated spaces, so consider a cat condo, where kitty can perch.
  • Make sure you buy a cat scratching pad for your kitty to dig into. Use a little bit of catnip so that she is more attracted to it than your furniture and drapes.
  • Purchase a cat crate for your upcoming vet visits. If you are limited by budget, buy an adult size crate, so as she grows there is plenty of room for her.
  • Last but not least, always have a cat brush and flea comb too.

Be Patient

Your new feline friend may be a wee bit stressed out; cats are not fond of change! Adjusting to a new home is scary, so try to be extra loving and attentive in the early days.

Every cat you will ever meet will have his/her own unique personality. Some kitties can take just a few days to warm up to you, while other cats may still not feel completely secure after a few months. Try not to take it personally if your new friend prefers to hide. A teaspoon of wet food hand-fed can really help your cat trust you! Also, if you need to leave the house for a while, leave the television or radio on; the comfort of soft voices will soothe her.

Remember to give your kitty lots of love and supervision, and you will have an adoring feline companion for life!



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