9 Rescue Pups Celebrating the Howlidays in Style

Rescue Pups Celebrating Christmas

9 Rescue Pups Celebrating the Howlidays in Style

When it comes to this time of year, holiday spirit ranges from bah-humbuggers and grinches to overzealous Christmas fiends who put Buddy the Elf to shame. Whether you skew more towards one side or fall somewhere in the middle, these decked-out pups are sure to put a smile on your face. Your heart may even grow three sizes, knowing they’ll all be in loving homes this holiday season! 

1. Piper - @little_red_deerdog

Piper is a Chihuahua mix rescued from Grand Prairie, TX. Her parents rescued her at the start of the pandemic and drove her home to NY in March. She had a lot of fear and anxiety at first, but after months of patience and training, she blossomed into a goofy, loving, loyal companion who her parents can’t imagine living without! She loves cheese, running at top speed, and snuggling.

2. Bubbles - @khbubbles

Bubbles is a cruelty survivor whose current mission is to bring light and pawsitivity to others. She is full of life and enjoys meeting people and playing with other dogs before settling down for some major snuggles in the evening. Her smiling face gives people a reason to smile, and her story inspires others to keep fighting through their struggles. She is absolutely amazing, and her parents are so grateful she picked them to be her family.

3. Georgia - @georgia_peachpup

Georgia’s parents found her running around the yard of a woman from whom they were getting a free couch. When they saw her in the yard, they jokingly asked the owner if Georgia was included with the couch. When the owner said yes, they promptly rescued Georgia and adopted her into their loving home!

4. Jr - @maddy_n_bros

Jr AKA Joogy, Jooger or Jooger B., which is short for Jooger Bae, is one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet. The three-year-old Pitbull/Bully mix has no aggression towards anything or anyone. He’s very loving and loves to be babied. He also enjoys playing, spinning in a circle, and doing everything he can to annoy his big sister!

5. Luke - @lukethehounddog

Luke was rescued at 10-weeks-old from North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, NY. Now 7-years-old, he lives on a farm with his pawsome pet parent and loves going for hikes and spending time at the dog park.

6. Milly - @millyandthetongue

Milly was adopted on Valentine’s Day in 2015. Two days later, she needed a life-saving surgery for a blockage that had been in her system for some time. Milly has since made a full recovery and has helped her mama discover her love of the outdoors and shaped who she is. She is the personification of all that is good in this world and is always ready for the next adventure!

7. Sprout - @tessamaysgriffcrew

Sprout is part of The Tessa May Crew, an animal rescue service dedicated to saving and rescuing senior dogs to ensure no senior dog dies alone in a shelter and lives out their life surrounded by love. Don’t let his green Grinch fur (which was dyed with a safe vegan dye) fool you—he’s a total mama’s boy who loves snuggling and is super protective and sweet.

8. Frank - @frankiesaywoof

Frank’s pawrents met him at the Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA in June 2020. He’s a quiet boy who loves treats, snuggles, scratches, sunny naps, and playing with family or his friends at daycare. He goes for lots of walks, and his favorite toy is his flirt pole. He can be easily distracted but takes to training like a champ because he’s a smarty.

9. Kya - @kyahoula

Kya was adopted in March from @asczdogrescue at the beginning of the pandemic and has been the best companion over these last several months. She’s very full of energy and loves everyone she meets—dogs and people alike!! She’s super social and loves to play but can be a great snuggler as well when it’s time to rest!

If you have a howliday pic of your pup or kitty that you want to share, send us a note here!



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